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Name That Colour…

Why is the name of the colour on your walls so flipping important?

If I told you I had just been decorating with dark blue and green you might be politely interested but if I told you it was Midnight Teal and Swedish White or Mallard Green and Wishbone White…well now I have your attention.

LHS: Dulux Heritage Midnight Teal and Swedish White

RHS: Dulux Heritage Mallard Green

The name of a colour takes you beyond its physical appearance and helps you to make a mental and emotional connection with it. Workshops and naming sessions are a chance to get to the very heart of a colour and its properties beyond the way it looks. It’s one of the really fun bits of my job which involves team brainstorming and plenty of passionate debate. At Dulux we have a naming convention we call ‘Alchemy’ and just like turning base metal into gold, a good colour name is very valuable.

There are exceptions of course but we have found that a successful colour name has two words. One that takes you straight the colour; it could be the name of the colour itself: blue, red, green or sky, strawberry, grass. The second should describe the way it feels or the atmosphere it creates. Both words together must help you see the colour in your mind’s eye and make you feel proud to paint it on your walls.

Dulux Heritage Brushed Gold and Potters Pink

A lesser known fact about colour naming at Dulux is that if we have a session just before lunch, 80 percent of the names we come up with are food related. Mostly puddings and chocolate… and these tend to rate amongst the best-selling colours we offer.

Dulux Bitter Chocolate 1 and Velvet Truffle

Well, who wouldn't want to be surrounded by Bitter Chocolate in the bedroom, Velvet Truffle in the living room…

and maybe a lick of Vanilla Cream in the Kitchen?

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